BMW Dune Taxi, the electric desert car

BMW Dune Taxi, the electric desert car

BMW Dune Taxi is a new electric car from the BMW family. It has made a remarkable entry that has attracted everyone’s attention due to its design and the qualities on which it is based.

In September, BMW released a video of an all-electric off-road vehicle hurtling through desert dunes. While BMW Blog didn’t reveal much about the Dune Taxi, it did learn more about the car.

“BMW Middle East’s Dune Taxi video at the Liwa festival is entertainment. It aims to show what is possible when you challenge conventional wisdom about what it means to enjoy driving M vehicles on the road to electrification,” said a BMW Middle East spokesperson.

BMW M is the Bavarian sub-brand for particularly sporty models which, like the rest of the range, are in the process of being electrified. However, these are road vehicles with a high level of comfort, mainly in the SUV and sedan format. There will be no vehicle comparable to the Dune Taxi in the future either, nor does BMW plan to use it in motorsport.

In any case, the technology for the electric desert car did not come from the automotive group but a motorsport specialist. “We took the opportunity to collaborate with Spark Racing Technology and use their base vehicle for the video recordings,” the spokesperson explained. The Bavarian manufacturer contributed to the chassis design. “The Dune Taxi symbolizes BMW’s ambition to challenge the status quo,” it read.

Speculation that BMW might enter an electric car like the Dune Taxi in competitions wasn’t entirely absurd: competitor Audi built a similar vehicle for the Dakar Rally. Recently, a more advanced project generation was presented, with electric motors, a combustion engine, and a generator. BMW’s Dune Taxi is even more similar to the Extreme E series electric cars made by Spark Racing – but the brand has no plans to enter this field either.