Citroën Ami Buggy: New Batch of 1000 Units to be Released on June 20th

Citroën Ami Buggy: New Batch of 1000 Units to be Released on June 20th

Citroën is set to launch an exciting new version of the Citroën Ami Buggy, catering to automotive enthusiasts and fans. Building on the success of last year’s limited edition release, this new batch will consist of 1000 units and will be available in 10 European countries. The sale will take place exclusively online, with a price tag exceeding €10,000.

The initial limited series of the Citroën My Ami Buggy, launched in June 2022 with only 50 units in France, was an overwhelming success. Within just 18 minutes, all the vehicles were sold out online. Some fortunate buyers even resold their Ami Buggy units on platforms like Leboncoin at astonishing prices, reaching up to €25,000! Encouraged by this triumph, Citroën is now reviving production with an increased batch of 1000 units, catering to 10 different countries.

Upgrades for the Ami Buggy

The new version of the Ami Buggy retains the distinctive concept, featuring a kaki color scheme with vibrant yellow accents, copper wheels, tubular structures replacing doors, a removable roof, and fender extensions. Citroën has made several enhancements to enhance the driving experience. Transparent door covers with zip closures have been added, providing improved protection from rain and wind compared to the previous “barrier” doors. These covers can be folded, secured with snap buttons, or conveniently stored in the garage when not needed. The roof also features a new structure that allows for easy folding or stretching of the canvas. Additionally, the extended roof acts as a sun visor, providing added functionality.

Inside the Ami Buggy, drivers will find a removable fluorescent yellow bag conveniently placed in the center of the steering wheel for storing personal belongings. The vehicle also boasts a new retro-styled circular instrument panel, adding a touch of nostalgia. Since the Ami Buggy doesn’t come with an integrated multimedia system, Citroën is including a special offering for owners of this limited-edition electric quadricycle: a portable Bluetooth speaker called the “Ultimate Ears Boom.” With a battery life of 15 hours, the speaker can be placed near the steering wheel in a dedicated compartment, ensuring enjoyable music during short journeys.

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Citroën Ami Pricing and Availability

Similar to the previous edition, the Citroën My Ami Buggy will be available for purchase exclusively online. The sale will commence on June 20th at 10 a.m., and interested buyers will need to act swiftly. During the previous release, the most determined customers were able to order their My Ami Buggy within just 2 minutes and 53 seconds. This time, customers from ten countries will have the opportunity to order the vehicle: France (including overseas territories), Italy, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Morocco, and Turkey. In France, a single unit will come with a price tag of €10,490, compared to €7,990 for the entry-level Ami and €9,190 for the high-end “Tonic” version.

Citroën’s decision to produce another batch of the My Ami Buggy demonstrates the strong demand and popularity of this unique electric vehicle. With its eye-catching design, off-road capabilities, and enhanced features, the Ami Buggy continues to captivate car enthusiasts and adventurers alike.