CITROËN AMI TONIC 2022: the new AMI version.

CITROËN AMI TONIC 2022: the new AMI version.

Citroën announces the market entry of its new Citroën Ami Tonic 2022, a new, high-end, elegant version with options.

Citroën continues the success of its electric vehicle without a license, AMI. After selling more than 20,000 units, the brand with the chevrons has announced the launch of the Citroën Ami Tonic 2022, a stylish top-of-the-line version with additional options.


In February 2020, Citroën launched the AMI, a small electric city car without a license accessible from 6900 € or 19,99 €/month. Despite its limited performance, namely a maximum speed of 45 km/h and a range of 70/75 km, the Citroën AMI quickly found its public.

In April 2022, the brand with the chevrons announced having exceeded 20,000 sales. These promising figures have prompted the Stellantis Group (Citroën’s parent company) to think about AMI equivalents for other manufacturers in the group. Projects have already been launched at Opel with the Opel Rocks-e and at Fiat with the Topolino.

Meanwhile, Citroën wants to build on the success of its mini electric city car. On September 1, 2022, the French company confirmed launching a new version of My AMI Tonic’s unlicensed car. “The Citroën team wanted to bring freshness and vitality to this new version. Provides a look: A combination of lemon yellow and khaki color blocks, combined with sophisticated technical elements (directional arrows, open) give My Ami Tonic a playful side, suitable for ages 14 to 77 It’s a toy,” says Mathieu Wandon, Graphic Design Manager at Citroën.

According to the manufacturer, the  Citroën Ami Tonic 2022  is designed to be at the top of the range. That’s why it comes with additional customization elements such as a smartphone clip, three storage bins, door nets, a central separation net, a bag hook, floor mats, and a Dat@mi dongle that give you the chance to connect your smartphone with your AMI.

As for the exterior, we find elements already present on other versions, such as shields, roof bars, wheel covers, or the black faceplate under the windshield. According to Citroën, this Tonic version of the AMI is now available in France, either for purchase from €8,990 or for long-term rental from €34.99, including tax.