Dacia Spring: new price for the cheapest electric car

Dacia Spring: new price for the cheapest electric car

The prices of the Dacia range of models will increase from November 3. And the electric Dacia Spring will unfortunately not be spared from this increase.

While manufacturers are experiencing difficulties due to the shortage of semiconductors and falling sales figures, many are now increasing their prices. This is also the case with Dacia, which should change the price list of its models in a few days. And no model will be spared from this increase, which should not please customers.

Dacia Spring:1,000 EUROS MORE

This information has yet to be confirmed by the brand. Still, it comes from the Automobile Propre website, which is relatively well-informed, even if all this is to be taken with a pinch of salt while waiting for more official information.

According to the media, the Sandero should increase by 500 euros from November 3, while the Jogger will take 600 euros. But it’s worse for the Duster, which will see its entry ticket soar by 1,000 euros! An increase will also affect the Dacia Spring, currently displayed from 19,800 euros and benefiting from an environmental bonus of 5,346 euros.

The electric city car should then increase the price of its basic version, called Essential, by 1,000 euros to reach 20,800 euros. That’s a lot of money since it cost only 16,990 euros when it was launched in the Dacia Spring of 2021.

The rate then rose to 17 690 euros last March to reach the current one in June. All versions should be affected in different measures. For example, the Expression finish will take “only” 800 euros, to 22,100 euros. This increase is due to the rise in the price of raw materials, among other things.

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This price increase is also accompanied by a slight increase in the ecological bonus, which is 27% of the price of the car. It increases to 5,616 euros for the Essential version and from 5,751 to 5,967 euros for the Expression finish at the top of the range. This will allow customers to digest this price change better, while the city car will start at 15,184 euros once the aid is deducted.

But this may not last, as the government is considering depriving all vehicles not manufactured in Europe of the bonus. This is the case of the Dacia Spring, currently assembled in China. But there are others in this case since the Tesla Model 3 is also concerned, as well as the new MG 4.

We could have expected a small evolution in the range. But according to Automobile Propre, it will remain strictly identical. The base model comes standard with automatic headlights, electric windows, manual air conditioning, and Bluetooth radio.

The Expression version has a 7-inch touchscreen with navigation, front and rear parking radars, and a rearview camera. Both variants share the same powertrain, namely a 44-horsepower electric motor and a 26.8 kWh battery, allowing it to travel 230 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle.