DeLorean alpha5 EV Revealed the Prototype at Pebble Beach

DeLorean alpha5 EV Revealed the Prototype at Pebble Beach

It was at Pebble Beach that the “new” DeLorean was seen publicly for the first time.

This new model is called DeLorean Alpha5 EV and is still available as a prototype.

The DeLorean out at Pebble Beach

Remember, a few weeks ago, the DeLorean Motor Company proudly formalized its new creation: the  DeLorean

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Alpha5 EV. A 100% electric model delivered without the slightest time convector, which somehow succeeded the timeless DeLorean, The undisputed supermegacelebrity of the Back to the Future trilogy.

As expected, it was on the Pebble Beachside that this new DeLorean Alpha5 EV made its first public appearance, still in the form of a prototype. The opportunity for some to admire the doors in the “butterfly” format of the DMC-12 and the very particular look of this new DeLorean, in “orange” livery with a few touches of glossy.

Although in the “prototype” aspect, this DMC Alpha5 EV seems to work perfectly. Therefore, she arrived dynamically by climbing a small hill before stopping in front of the guests. In all likelihood, this new model should have all-wheel drive, with an engine that allows the race car to accelerate from 1 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds.