Electric cars: volkswagen id buzz 2023 review

Electric cars: volkswagen id buzz 2023 review

Volkswagen is rapidly advancing in its 100% electric transition, and it is the turn of the combi to go green. This year Volkswagen id buzz promises many configurations to please as many people as possible.

From mythical to trendy

The Volkswagen van has become legendary over the years for many reasons. Its vintage look and its reliability are the main ones, in addition to habitability which, even after its 70 years of existence, remains remarkable. It was necessary to keep all these specificities in the new version, which is now called Volkswagen id buzz.

This one, thanks to its 4.71 m long, 1.98 m wide, and 1.93 m high, keeps a fairly spectacular trunk volume of 1121 liters. It still retains its rectangular shape as well as a fairly large glazed surface while remaining close to its ancestors, the different versions of the Volkswagen id buzz combi. As proof, the two-tone body, as well as the huge VW logo stuck in the middle of the grille of the vehicle.

The passenger compartment rhymes with practicality.

The interior of this Volkswagen id buzz .2023 is quite similar to the other cars in the 100% electric ID range. Almost no buttons appear on the dashboard because the instrumentation is entirely digital. There is a 5.3-inch slab as a dashboard as well as a screen that can vary between 10 and 12 inches enthroned in the middle of the dashboard.

In addition, the German brand has chosen to offer only synthetic materials to replace the leather, a major part of which comes from recycled products, in order to reduce the carbon footprint.

At the rear, the modularity is accentuated by a 40/60 sliding bench seat over almost 20 centimeters, in addition to a completely flat floor, which adds to the already very present feeling of space.

A cargo version for the pros

In addition to a short version as well as an elongated version, the ID. Buzz 2023 will be offered for professionals in a special Cargo version. The vehicle has specific fittings intended for transporting bulky objects as well as options such as the tie-down hook, a second sliding side door, or hinged boot doors instead of the tailgate. The trunk is separated from the forward cabin by a partition with a fixed window.

Under the engine, only one choice.

The 150 kW electric motor, shared with the ID.3 and the ID.4, is associated with a 77 kWh battery for an unofficial autonomy that could reach 400 kilometers. Thanks to a charging power of 170 kW, the Volkswagen id buzz 2023 should go from 5 to 80% of its battery in about 30 minutes. Other versions with a smaller battery but also larger batteries should come to enlarge the catalog of the vehicle thereafter.

The VW Van will begin marketing at the end of 2022 in Europe and then during 2023 in North America 2023 for a price of around 50,000dollars.

Competition remains quite low for this type of electric vehicle. For the moment, only the Mercedes EQV 2020 can serve as an alternative despite a significantly higher price.