2024 ElectricBrands presents XBus S and Evetta Cargo light EV

2024 ElectricBrands presents XBus S and Evetta Cargo light EV

2024 ElectricBrands presents XBus S and Evetta Cargo light EV, After the XBus minibus premiere last year, three pre-series models have been presented so far.

And there is now a small variant: The XBus S is intended to master deliveries over the last mile through “minimal” consumption, little space requirement, and transport capacity. ElectricBrands will offer bodies such as standard, refrigerated boxes, or flatbeds. “It is efficient, sustainable, and manoeuvrable,” promises the German e-mobility start-up.

The XBus S has electronically controlled all-wheel drive, and front or rear-wheel drive. The battery has a total output of up to 18.4 kWh, of which 8.4 kWh are permanently installed. Optionally, the memory can be expanded by a further 10 kWh with replaceable batteries. The XBus S is 3200 millimeters long, 1430 millimeters wide, and 1730 millimeters high. The larger XBus is a good 74 centimeters longer at 3945 millimeters.

Depending on the body, the XBus S has a load capacity with a driver of around 750 kilograms and offers a loading volume of up to 1656 liters. Up to 6 m² of solar modules are integrated into the superstructure. The range should be up to 120 kilometers.

How many modules of the ElectricBrands XBus family?

In the medium term, there will be two chassis variants and nine modules for the XBus family. Planned delivery is currently scheduled for 2024.

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2024 ElectricBrands Evetta Cargo top speed?

ElectricBrands also shows a version of its Evetta mini electric car at the IAA.
The Evetta Cargo is intended, for example, for stylish espresso vending trucks and other urban delivery and business trips. The model can be opened via an app and has 1950 liters of storage space. With a top speed of 90 km/h and a range of 150 kilometers, the vehicle should be able to master almost all urban delivery routes.

The wheelbase of the Evetta Cargo is around 2000 millimeters. It is 1500 mm wide, 1800 mm high, and 3500 mm long. The Evetta Cargo weighs 800 kilograms, including the battery (14 KWh). A payload of 600 kilograms is possible. Charging takes three to five hours at 230 V via a standard household socket.

5,000 of the Evetta versions are planned for next year, and from 2024 30,000 to 40,000 copies per year. The price of the Evetta Cargo should be around 19,990 euros.