Police electric vehicle: F-150 Lightning joins Ford police fleet

Police electric vehicle: F-150 Lightning joins Ford police fleet

As there is already  Ford F-150 designed especially as a police electric vehicle, we suspected the manufacturer would follow up sooner or later with a 100% electric variant based on the all-new F-150 Lightning. It’s now done.

“We are the first to offer America’s first police electric car van to local authorities who can use its revolutionary technologies to improve their productivity,” said Nate Oscarson of Ford Pro Commercial Division. The Pro Power Onboard generator can be used as a mobile power supply to illuminate the scene of an accident in the evening, and the electric motorization helps to reduce fuel and maintenance expenses. At the same time, the large front trunk [400 litres] provides additional lockable storage. »

The Ford F-150 Lightning Pro Special Service Vehicle (SSV), as it is properly named, offers a choice of two batteries, just like the consumer pickup truck. With the 98 kWh version, the power rises to 452 horsepower, allowing it to tow up to 7,700 pounds. With the 131 kWh battery, it climbs to 580 horsepower and 10,000 pounds. In both cases, the peak of the torque is 775 lb-ft. The acceleration can be from 0 to 100 km/h in four seconds or less – perfect for chasing down lawbreakers.

Beyond its patrol role, the F-150 Lightning Pro SSV will prove useful to police officers in various ways. A special tray with connections at the top of the dashboard will make it easy to install their equipment. The front seats are upholstered in a robust fabric suitable for police vehicles and with less pronounced side bolsters to facilitate the entry and exit of officers wearing a duty belt. The back of the backrests is covered with a steel plate. The rear seat, for its part, is in vinyl, as is the floor for easier cleaning.

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Of course, there are also all the onboard technologies of the F-150 Lightning, including digital instrumentation and a 12-inch touchscreen each, the SYNC 4 multimedia system with remote software updates, the security system and Co-Pilot360 driving assistance.

Police departments can manage their fleet through Ford’s E-Telematics system and take advantage of consulting services related to data processing, connected services and everything related to charging.

Police electric vehicle: F-150 Lightning joins Ford police fleet

In closing, Ford says it will give more details and specifics on the range of the F-150 Lightning 2023 (that of the 2022 model varies from 370 to 515 km depending on the version), both for the public and the police. , later this summer.