Ford Mustang 2024: a hybrid or a combustion car?

Ford Mustang 2024: a hybrid or a combustion car?

The new Ford Mustang 2024 has everything to please fans of combustion engines. Its magnificent Android and Unreal Engine interface also appeals to new technology lovers. But the American manufacturer has implemented a useless, innovative, and polluting feature in this new generation.

The Ford Mustang is a mythical car. We eagerly awaited the recent new version Ford Mustang 2024 at the Detroit Auto Show. But we were disappointed because the rumors of a plug-in hybrid version were wrong. The Mustang is indeed proposed with two engines, 100% thermal, including a big V8 of 5 liters and 500 horsepower, very noisy and surely just as polluting even if the consumption figures are not yet communicated. But the manufacturer went even further… a little too far even.


Indeed, the new Ford Mustang 2024 integrates a feature called Remote Rev. It allows you to turn on the engine remotely (well, why not?) from the key and make the engine hum. In other words, it’s a feature that burns gas to make noise, to prove that there’s nothing better than a big American V8. A feature that even led to the filing of a patent.

In our opinion, Ford has made two mistakes by releasing this new Mustang 2024 with Remote Rev. The first one is not to offer, in 2022, even a rechargeable hybrid engine. This would radically reduce average fuel consumption and allow the car to be driven without emitting greenhouse gases for a few dozen kilometers.

The second is to propose this useless feature, which is totally out of step with the climate emergency that requires a drastic reduction in the use of fossil fuels.


And that’s a shame because this Ford Mustang 2024 will be great, thanks to its completely revised interface, with the use of SYNC4 based on the 3D Unreal Engine and potentially Android! Let’s also remember that the old Mustang was equipped with a Silent mode that allowed to lower the volume of the V8 by 10 decibels. Useful for early morning departures so as not to disturb the neighborhood too much.

But this new Mustang should be the last one based on a 100% thermal engine. The next one should be 100% electric because even the United States is starting to demand rules similar to those in the European Union. California plans to ban the sale of combustion-powered cars by 2035, and Los Angeles even wants to prevent the construction of new gas stations.