Gordon Murray : the 1 legendary of the electric SUV?

Gordon Murray : the 1 legendary of the electric SUV?

Gordon Murray could revolutionize the world of electric cars. True to his precepts, he will focus on designing light vehicles.

Gordon Murray, at the beginning of June, revealed that he wanted to market two electric SUVs. However, the former Formula 1 designer, the father of the McLaren F1, is sticking to his principles.

The Briton could succeed in making his “zero emission” cars much lighter. This is what Philip Lee, the new CEO of Gordon Murray Group, implied to Autocar. He said the first of Gordon Murray’s two electric SUVs could weigh between 1,100 and 1,200 kilograms.

Both utility models will use the ultra-lightweight platform of the brand’s supercars, the T50, and T33.
This is a modular platform that can be used for both supercars and upcoming electric SUVs.


The technology around the battery will also contribute to the lightness of the model. Indeed, the battery will be liquid-cooled and integrated into the car’s structure. This integration will be done via a box that will offer easy access to the battery for all maintenance operations.

The weight of this electric SUV should therefore be less than a Mazda MX-5, or an Alpine A110, which are known for their lightness.
It will also weigh 300 kilos less than a Renault Zoe.