Hop OXO: The New Electric Motorcycle

Hop OXO: The New Electric Motorcycle

Available in two configurations and with a range of 150 kilometers, the Hop Oxo is sold in India for less than €2,300.

Already in the electric scooter segment with a range of two models, Indian manufacturer Hop is diversifying its offer with the launch of the Oxo, its first electric motorcycle.

  • Two configurations

Like a 125 electric motorcycle, the Hop Oxo is based on a 72-volt architecture. Two engine configurations are available. While the basic version has 5.2 kW of power and 185 Nm of torque for a top speed of 90 km/h, the X version goes up to 6.3 kW. The X version has a top speed of 95 km/h and an additional Turbo mode.

Identical to both versions, the battery is equipped with NMC cells and has a total energy capacity of 3.75 kWh. The range extends from 150 kilometers in the city to 70 kilometers on the highway.

Equipped with a five-inch instrument panel, the Oxo has 4G connectivity that can be linked to a mobile application allowing the user to track driving statistics and the vehicle’s location.

Oxo Oxo X
Nominal / peak power 3 / 5.2 kW 3 / 6.3 kW
Couple 185 Nm 200 Nm
Maximum speed 90 km/h 95 km/h
Battery 3.75 kWh 3.75 kWh
Autonomy 70 – 150 km 70 – 150 km
Driving modes Eco – Power – Sport Eco – Power – Sport – Turbo
  •  Hop OXO: A 125 electric motorcycle for less than €2,500

In terms of price, the Hop Oxo is one of the cheapest electric motorcycles on the Indian market. Priced at 181,000 rupees in its basic version, or about 2,240 euros, the Oxo climbs to 196,000 rupees (2,420 euros) in its X version. This is a price “excluding subsidies,” as the Indian government offers a subsidy of 56,000 rupees (€790) that local schemes can supplement.

For the time being, it is unknown whether or not the brand plans to launch the model in Europe.