How the Volvo EX90 will help you reduce your electricity costs

How the Volvo EX90 will help you reduce your electricity costs

The new electric Volvo EX90 will be the brand’s first model to feature two-way charging. A technology with many possibilities.

Electricity production is down in France, while prices are increasing considerably everywhere. With us, the MWh is displayed at 1,000 euros, against 85 euros last year. A sharp increase weighs on household budgets, despite the tariff shield put in place by the government, which still limits the impact of the increase. Nevertheless, the bill is still rising at home and at charging stations for owners of electric cars.


Today, the public authorities are multiplying initiatives to encourage cars to abandon their thermal cars and switch to electric, despite the current tensions on the network. Fortunately, some manufacturers have found innovative solutions to help drivers.

This notably involves bidirectional charging, a technology still little known a few years earlier but which has developed very clearly over time. Currently, several models offer it, such as the Kia EV6 or the MG 5 electric station wagon. But other manufacturers are gradually starting to get started. This is particularly the case with Volvo, which will offer this functionality for the very first time on the future Volvo EX90.

The electric replacement for the current XC90, inspired by the Recharge concept, will be unveiled on November 9 and will be equipped with this device. The latter will notably be used to power a house as well as various electrical objects. Thus, and as explained in the brand’s press release, it will be possible, for example, to charge your car with cheaper electricity during the day and then to connect it to your home in the evening when prices are higher. This also allows less strain on the electrical network at times when it is often under tension. At the same time, allowing you to save money on your bill.


In addition, the electric SUV will be equipped with smart charging. Concretely, this can be programmed to take place only during off-peak hours, when prices are lower and where the share from renewable sources is greater. The stored energy can then be used later.

The V2L (vehicle to load) recharge offered on the future Volvo EX90 can also be used to power objects on the go, such as an electric bike or a kettle. It will also be possible to help other compatible Volvos in the event of insufficient autonomy or, on the contrary, to take advantage of a boost from other drivers to leave with a few more kilometers to the next terminal.

Described as the safest Volvo ever designed, the new Volvo EX90 will be loaded with innovative technologies, which should reduce the risk of collisions by 9% and fatal or serious injury accidents by 20%. The electric SUV will be equipped with autonomous driving, which could be level 3 like the Mercedes EQS and which has already been authorized in France since September 1.

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This is the brand’s third 100% electric model, after the XC40 and C40 Recharge. In its press release, Volvo specifies that two-way charging will only be launched in certain markets in the first place, without however saying which ones.