In China, more than 500,000 electric cars and PHEV in August

In China, more than 500,000 electric cars and PHEV in August

Sales of electric cars continue to break records in China. In August, sales passed the milestone of half a million units. BYD is the new great Chinese champion, while Neta takes the title of a first start-up.

For the first time, monthly sales of electrified cars (electric or plug-in hybrid) exceeded the symbolic half-million mark, with 522,000 passenger cars fitted with a plug. We even climb to 666,000 when counting utility vehicles. That is a market share of 27.9% compared to the 2.383 million vehicles sold in total over the month. A new record makes the hypothesis of penetration of 25% over the whole year largely credible.

In the NEV (New Energy Vehicle) category, there are 144,000 plug-in hybrids and 255 cars equipped with a fuel cell.

Chinese brands are still in force.

Of the 378,000 electric cars sold, start-ups carve out a good market share, nearly 15% for Leap, LI Auto, Neta, Nio, and Xpeng alone… Neta confirms its great shape and sells more than 16,000 cars in August. The small start-up has become big since it is number one over the month, but also since the beginning of the year, just ahead of Xpeng. This is while the Neta S sedan is not yet available.

Of course, large groups are also very well represented. BYD, for example, sold 174,915 cars in August and took 33% of the market on its own. Build Your Dreams has completed its transition to a 100% NEV range. The other groups have almost all chosen dedicated brands. They now manage to compete with young shoots: 7,166 units for Zeekr, 2,429 for Voyah, and 27,021 for Aion (GAC)…

Overall, more than 80% of electric cars or plug-in hybrid cars still come from Chinese brands. Apart from Tesla and its 34,502 Model 3 and Y, European or American brands are completely outdated in this market. Not just because the supply is too low, it is also a question of the image with brands that symbolize “the old world”…

Over the first eight months, Neta is slightly ahead of Xpeng, and Leap takes 3rd place at LI Auto. The giant BYD has 978,795 units on the clock and has communicated about the production of its millionth car of the year. The brand is expected to reach 1.5 million in 2022.

Of a total market of 16.86 million units, NEVs accounted for 3.86 million, or 23%. But while the total market grew by only 1.7%, the NEV sector grew by 110%. Of this volume of NEVs, electric ones with battery (and with range extender) represented 3.03 million units,

This strength of Chinese electric car models can now also be found for export. Of the 308,000 cars exported in August (the first time above 300,000), 83,000 were electric, up 82.3% from last year.