New Mitsubishi ASX hybrid 2022: simply a cloned Captur

New Mitsubishi ASX hybrid 2022: simply a cloned Captur

The new generation Mitsubishi ASX is closely related to Captur. It takes over from Renault its hybrid engines.

In 2020, the management of Mitsubishi announced its intention to abandon the Old Continent. But the brand changed its mind a few months later, particularly under the influence of the new management of Renault, Mitsubishi being, via Nissan, a member of the Alliance.

Its relaunch in Europe is, however, done at a lower cost. If two new models have been announced, a city car and an urban SUV, they are closely derived from the existing Renault. Mitsubishi sees this as an easy way to attract new customers and to keep its network alive, while Renault complements the use of its factories.

The first model to come out of this collaboration is the SUV. This one marks the return of the ASX name. The base is the Captur. You may have noticed that the design elements specific to Mitsubishi are not very numerous!

The Japanese firm says that the new Mitsubishi ASX “features Mitsubishi’s signature Dynamic Shield front end.” A surprising description because the brand was content to imagine a new grille! Even the cutout of the cover to pass the Diamond is retained, with a large three-diamond logo instead.

The shield has not been changed, and neither have the rims. At the rear, the Diamond disappears, replaced by the Mitsubishi monogram. Without Diamond, the reversing camera becomes clearly visible! On board, it is also the minimum service, with the addition of the Mitsubishi logo on the steering wheel!

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Inevitably, the fittings, the equipment, and the technical part are identical. The new ASX thus takes over the engines of the Captur, including the two hybrids. The Mitsubishi offers the choice between the simple hybrid of 145 hp and the plug-in hybrid of 160 hp. There is still a small surprise: for the plug-in, Mitsubishi reports the presence of a 10.5 kWh battery, against 9.8 for the Captur. This will line up during its restyling in 2023.

This second generation of the ASX will be produced on the same line as the Captur in Spain. It will join the dealerships in March 2023. In addition to its 5-year warranty, Mitsubishi may make the difference with lower prices than those Renault. Because for the rest, we wonder what the interest is.