NIO Air AR Glasses for in-car enjoyment

NIO Air AR Glasses for in-car enjoyment

Electric car maker Nio is opening orders for the new “NIO Air AR Glasses”, innovative augmented reality glasses that let you watch movies without a screen in the car.

While car journeys can be very long, the Chinese firm Nio, which has already been operating in Europe since 2021 and is preparing to arrive in the United States, has found an innovative solution. And orders for this amazing object, which takes the form of augmented reality glasses, have just opened for deliveries scheduled next month.


Nio Air AR Glasses, this new product, looks like a simple pair of glasses. But in reality, they are a real concentration of technology since they have the function of projecting a cinema screen to entertain passengers during long trips.

Designed in partnership with Nreal, a company specializing in augmented reality, this accessory will then create a 130-inch cinema screen in high definition. This device also offers the possibility of enjoying the car’s ambient lighting of 256 colors and an immersive 7.1.4 audio system with Dolby Atmos technology through the speakers present in the car.


Currently, Nio offers more than 200 3D movies and 260 Dolby Atmos-compatible movies in its catalog, which can be viewed with these glasses. The NIO Air AR glasses work with PanoCinema, a digital cockpit that uses virtual and augmented reality.

However, as Car News China points out, only Nio ET5 owners will be able to benefit from this device. The electric sedan is the only one to be equipped with PanoCinema for the moment. ET7 and ES8 owners can then make an appointment to install this feature in a dealership.

On the other hand, NIO vehicles based on the NT 1.0 platform, such as the ES6, EC6, and ES8, are not at all compatible with this technology. The Chinese manufacturer is currently working on supporting them so that it can market the NIO Air AR glasses to all its customers. If these are very close to the Nreal Air, developed by Nio’s partner, this model intended for the brand’s cars has some specificities.

They have indeed been designed for use in a vehicle, with specific anti-glare and anti-shock functions. The NIO Air Smart Ring can then control the screen, and the remote control is developed in partnership with NOLO. Voice control is also available.

You will need to spend about 330 dollars to buy a pair of Nio Air AR Glass. A price must be added to the Air Smart Ring, which has not yet been announced. For the time being, however, it is not yet known in which countries these accessories will be available, while the manufacturer wants to market its models in the rest of Europe in the coming months.