NIO Battery Swap Scale in Europe With 1000 Stations

NIO Battery Swap Scale in Europe With 1000 Stations

NIO Battery swap is a program that can garantie the expansios of Nio. Indeed, Nio’s arrival in Europe has so far been through the back door. But to ensure its expansion, Nio wants to open nearly 1,000 battery swap stations in Europe by 2025

A battery exchange network deployment is undoubtedly part of Nio’s European expansion plans. If some still had doubts after the announcement of installing a production plant for these stations in Hungary, the Chinese manufacturer now provides some figures.

On the continent, there are currently two battery exchange stations for Nio; both installed in Norway. The third Nio Battery swap station should be installed in Germany soon since it has left the Hungarian factory. It will probably be installed in Berlin, where Nio plans to hold a big launch press conference on October 7. It should detail its plans for our continent: the pace of geographical expansion (after Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany) or the launch of new models. The first station could also be set up in Munich, near the European headquarters of the Chinese brand…

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After these first three experiments, the pace will accelerate to support the expansion of sales in different countries and the launch of new models. Nio has indicated that it wants to install 1,000 battery exchange stations outside China by 2025. Most of these will be in Europe, as the brand has not yet been set up in any other region. As a reminder, Nio opened its 1,000th station in China last June, four years after the network’s official debut.

The deployment of this exchange network will not prevent it from installing, as in China, a fast charging network in parallel. Last July, we mentioned the manufacturer’s installation of 500 kW charging stations.