Panamera EV: Next-Gen Porsche.

Panamera EV: Next-Gen Porsche.

Porsche is currently working on developing the next generation of its Taycan and launching its Panamera EV. They will be based on a new platform.

Porsche is planning to launch a new generation of Panamera, the Panamera EV. As we know, Porsche is working on the electrification of its range, while it will also have to comply with the will of the European Union, which wants to ban the sale of thermal cars from 2035. It is not a big problem for the German company, as its financial director stated that electric models would be much more profitable. And that’s good news because the company plans to launch several of them over the next few years.


According to the British website Autocar, Porsche is planning to launch no less than six electric models by the end of the decade as part of its “Electrified Luxury” plan. One of the first cars to be released should be the electric version of the Panamera, which would then be sold alongside the combustion and plug-in hybrid variant, which will be restyled next year.

It should then be marketed until 2030. Competing directly with the Lucid Air and the Mercedes-AMG EQS 53, it is expected to be longer, at around 5.20 meters. The sedan will be sold alongside the next-generation Porsche Taycan, scheduled for 2027.



Both will be based on the future SSP (Scalable Systems Platform) developed by the Volkswagen Group. If this platform will be used by other brands of the company, like Audi with its S3 and RS 3, the version intended for Porsche models should be slightly different. Thanks to thinner batteries, the floor should be lower, while the famous “footwells” already on the Taycan should be retained. These allow rear passengers to sit lower and enjoy better headroom.


For now, we still know very little about the technical specifications of these two future models, but no doubt the Taycan range should remain close to the one we know since it will only be a restyling. On the other hand, Autocar gives us some information about the Panamera EV, which should come in several versions with one or two engines.

The sedan should also feature an 800-volt system that is even more advanced than the Taycan’s, with a better energy density for the battery and a silicon anode that should offer more autonomy and faster charging.


According to reporters, the two cars will share many features and functionalities, including Level 3 autonomous driving, which is now allowed on European roads and in France since September 1. The in-car system will also be 5G compatible.

Nevertheless, the first model based on the new SSP platform will be the future premium electric SUV, which is expected to debut around 2025. This will be positioned above the Cayenne. A little earlier, the Stuttgart-based brand will launch electric versions of the Macan and Cayenne, which are expected to debut in 2024 and 2025. These will be based on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) currently used on the Porsche Taycan.