Rivian may launch an extreme offroad SUV named R1X

Rivian may launch an extreme offroad SUV named R1X

To get a better spot in the spotlight, Rivian will push the potentiometers with a very sporty R1X.

If most manufacturers tirelessly mimic the Tesla trajectory (a large sedan, then a large SUV., Then a smaller sedan, then…), Rivian has a different approach with its electric off-roaders. And she would soon be pushing all the potentiometers with the Rivian R1X.

After the pickups and SUVs baptized R1T and R1S, the American firm would launch a new special version.

This is revealed by a recent name registration in the United States and spotted by the local press. However, Motortrend comes up with some juicy information.

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Carbon-clad competition suspension and engine for this Rivian

According to our American colleagues, the Rivian R1X could concern an unbridled and hysterical version of the R1S, the stylish SUV of the brand. Still, according to the same source, it would take over the R1 platform in a shorter definition with two rows of seats.

A replica of the Ford Bronco Raptor, it would adopt all the little attentions usually reserved for the monsters of the Baja1000: raised body, long-travel suspension, large studded tires.

The transmission would be provided by four electric motors clad in carbon, for a total power close to 1,200 hp.