Rolls-Royce Spectre 2023: for its first electric car, hits hard.

Rolls-Royce Spectre 2023: for its first electric car, hits hard.

The British luxurious corporation Rolls-Royce offers its first electric-powered model: the Rolls-Royce Spectre. If the entire remains as prestigious, the powertrain leaves us a bit greater pensive.

In the very elitist universe of status manufacturers, few are the ones who’ve taken the step of the 100% electric-powered automobile. In fact, Rolls-Royce is the first. Bentley has provided the handiest idea of the automobile, which have to cause a manufacturing automobile via way of means of 2025, even as different manufacturers, whose orientation is as high-priced as it miles sporty, together with Aston Martin, for example, are suffering to release their first hybrid model.


Rolls-Royce, therefore, presents its first 100% electric production model, and as you can see from the photos available, the style is consistent with the brand.

Some will no doubt notice a small family resemblance with the new BMW i7, and this is normal since Rolls-Royce has been under the control of the BMW Group since 1998, and the two models share some elements in common even if Rolls-Royce refuses to mention it.

The Specter does not break with the spirit of the brand, although its grille is wider than ever and now lit by 22 LEDs. At the end of the hood is an aerodynamically optimized Spirit of Ecstasy, although we’re not sure that changes much.

That said, the Specter is the most aerodynamic model in the brand’s history, with a Cd of 0.25. The car is 5.45 meters long, 2.08 meters wide, and 1.56 meters high. Its wheelbase is 3.21 meters.


If there’s one factor to be able to now no longer alternate as compared to a thermal version at Rolls-Royce, it’s far the noise. Models powered through effective V12s were quiet, and that feeling could be comparable withinside the Specter with the absence of a combustion engine.

Instead, we find an electric motor that develops the trifle of 430 kWh, or around 585 hp. The 0 to 100 km/h is announced in 4.5 seconds. The truck torque of 900 Nm will surely not be too much to move the pachydermic mass of the machine.

Indeed, a thermal Rolls-Royce is not necessarily light as a base, but this electric version breaks all records with nearly three tonnes on the scale (2,975 kg empty to be exact), in particular thanks to the battery pack, which weighs alone 700 kilos.

The brand has not announced the battery capacity, but it must be high. Nevertheless, a quick calculation allows us to imagine a capacity of around 100 kWh.

Indeed, Rolls-Royce communicates on various 520 km below the WLTP cycle, with a blended intake announced (pending approval) at 21. five kWh / a hundred km. On the alternative hand, in step with the EPA cycle, extra excessive than WLTP due to the fact it’s miles toward reality, the variety drops to 418 km. In any case, those statistics are pretty disappointing for an automobile with this type of battery. A Mercedes EQS claims, for example, extra than seven hundred km, relying on the version with a 107. eight kWh battery.

But with three tons on the scale for the Rolls, we should not expect miracles. The maximum charging power is announced at 195 kW. The Specter is based on the “Architecture of Luxury” aluminum platform, a platform that is not new since it was inaugurated in 2003. The battery is partly integrated into the structure itself, which allows a stiffening of 30 %.

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Rolls-Royce Spectre PRICE

This ultra-luxurious electric powered coupe, which replaces the getting older Phantom Coupé, impresses with its indoors. Like the outdoors appearance, the indoors is converting barely in comparison to thermal Rolls. The Specter is manifestly extra technological, with particularly the appearance of a virtual instrumentation system. However, a few bodily controls were retained to keep away from switching to all-touch.

The Rolls-Royce Specter is because of hit the marketplace withinside the fourth sector of 2023, and its rate needs to begin at around 340,000 Dollars for the reason that logo publicizes a rate that is “among a Cullinan and a Phantom.” With some options, the rate need to without problems exceed 500,000 Dollars.