The new BMW X3 2024 Electric car

The new BMW X3 2024 Electric car

If it is not expected before 2024 and the current generation has just been restyled, the future BMW X3 2024 is already walking the streets in its plug-in hybrid version. Enough to allow us to share the first illustration with you!

Presented in June 2017 and marketed in October of that same year, freshly restyled, the current and third version of the X3 still has a few years ahead. However, BMW is already actively preparing its replacement. A copy of the next generation in its final body was surprised again by our scoop hunters, this time on the side of Munich, not far from the manufacturer’s headquarters, and in its plug-in hybrid variant. And it was sufficiently naked, so we can already offer you to illustrate it.

A big X1, a small X5, a BMW SUV in short

Are you not a fan of BMWs with oversized grilles? So, you will surely be delighted to see that this future model will remain reasonable in this area. At the same time, the Propeller brand tends not to overload the mule when it comes to its bestseller bestsellers, the X3 being its third bestseller in Europe (40,906 copies sold from January to June 2022, including the 8,722 all-electric iX3 variants). We saw it recently with the new X1 with rather consensual lines… It’s simple, and it can even be seen with camouflage. The future X3 will be inspired by the look of its little brother, who makes himself think of a reduced X5. So very classic!

Looking at it from the side, we have the impression that it is a little larger than the model in the catalog today. Hopefully, BMW stays within reach there too. The current X3 is already a beautiful baby (4.71 m), and it remains a good distance from the last X1 (4.50 m), even though the latter has taken a few centimeters (+5.3 cm). Another small detail that makes it easy to recognize this next X3 is the perfectly flat door handles. Because, for the rest, the profile remains substantially the same.

The stern is more carefully concealed, so it’s hard to get an idea of ​​what it might look like without those war paints. Nevertheless, it appears more massive seen from this angle. To wonder if, for once, the German manufacturer was not inspired by another SUV whose arrival is imminent, the XM. To be confirmed later.

BMW X3 2024 is always one of the wide choices of electrified engines

The new BMW X3 2024 Electric car

An important point that we learned from the copy spotted on the road is that the rechargeable hybrid versions will always be on the program. With its two hatches, one of which is placed on the front wing on the driver’s side, the nature of the engine is beyond doubt here. Other elements are putting us on the way but which could make us think of a 100% electric iX3, the sticker “Electrified Vehicle,” and the visible absence of exhaust. A version that will naturally be renewed. For the rest, light hybridization should gain ground. The fourth BMW X3 2024 of the name should land around 2024.