The United States: Death of combustion engine cars by 2035

The United States: Death of combustion engine cars by 2035

Following the European Union’s footsteps, the United States (California) is also expected to ban the sale of combustion engine cars from 2035. The decision will be made in the next few hours.

A few weeks ago, the European Union officially voted to ban manufacturers from selling thermal cars from 2035. A measure that has not failed to create controversy. However, this measure will not only be applied to the Old Continent since it even inspires the United States.


California Governor Gavin Newsom raised the idea of banning the sale of internal combustion cars two years earlier. But if it had been somewhat put aside, it is now back on the table. And this time, the decision could be taken soon since a vote should take place a little later in the day. The law text that should be adopted soon underlines that “all new cars sold in California will have to be “zero emission” polluting, from 2035 at the latest.”

According to CNN, this measure will be debated by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) during the day, as confirmed by one of its members, Daniel Sperling. According to him, this law has a 99,9 % chance of being approved and should encourage the other states to follow the movement. California is indeed one of the most avant-gardes in terms of the energy transition in a country very unequal on the subject. Moreover, the West Coast state represents the largest market in the United States. This decision should therefore have a strong impact on car manufacturers, most of whom have already decided to go all-electric over the next ten years.


But before completely banning thermal cars from its dealerships, California plans to transition in stages. Indeed, the next target is set for 2026, when 35% of new vehicle sales must be electric models. This figure will increase yearly, reaching 51% in 2028, 68% in 2030, and 100% five years later. These quotas would also allow 20% of electric cars sold to be plug-in hybrids, unlike Europe, which would like to do without them in the long term because of their use.

However, this new regulation will not affect used cars already in circulation, which will therefore be allowed to continue driving. If California is ahead of France in terms of the market share of electric cars, with about 16 versus 12.1 percent, then it wants to accelerate the pace by any means possible. In Los Angeles, for example, the city council now wants to ban the construction of new gas stations. The goal? To encourage drivers to switch to electric cars.