These are all Volvo Electric Cars models

These are all Volvo Electric Cars models

Very soon, Volvo will present a new generation of models that will gradually lead to a 100% electric range. This will also go through a new series of appellations. With ultimately less change than imagined. 

Volvo was one of the first manufacturers to firmly commit to a deadline for its transition to a 100% electric range. The adventure began with the XC40, then the C40, but will take a new turn in a few months with the launch of the first model specifically designed to be an electric vehicle. Foreshadowed by the Volvo Recharge concept, it should eventually take over from the XC90. With this new model, Volvo has considered radically changing its names by adopting names instead of alphanumeric codes. Something to mark a break. The name of Embla, goddess of the Scandinavian pantheon, had been advanced (and registered) for the production version of the Recharge.


Finally, the codes will remain but will evolve. Volvo has just filed designations close to those existing, but preceded by an E: EC40, EXC40, EXC60, EXC90, but also ES60, ES90, EV60, EV90. A typology that could indicate the abandonment of the name Recharge by electric models. This designation would probably be retained on rechargeable hybrids.

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A new line of crossovers

In addition to the names already known, Volvo adds a new series, that of the EX, without the C. This should designate a range of lower and more family crossovers. Here we find the EX30, EX40, EX60, and EX90. EX30 should thus be applied to the future little cousin of the Smart #1 and so far nicknamed XC20.

The others may have been removed as a simple precaution, but it also seems that Volvo is preparing to “split” its range of SUVs/crossovers with more classic models and other more family-friendly ones. The Recharge concept arguably foreshadows an EX90, while the EXC90 would be a heavily revamped evolution of the current model. The same goes for the EXC60/EX60 duo. A new family will also have the task of compensating for another revolution which is announced for the Swedish brand, the progressive and very probable abandonment of the range of station wagons. A real institution…