TOYOTA BZ3 coming soon to rival the TESLA MODEL 3

TOYOTA BZ3 coming soon to rival the TESLA MODEL 3

Will Toyota Bz3 rival the Tesla Model 3 in the future? Toyota is in no rush to electrify its fleet. While many manufacturers already have several models on the price list, at Toyota, this is only the bZ4X. This is about to change because the bZ3 is in the making. Toyota says it has listened to the customer and the needs in the market. To counter some of Tesla’s growing market share in China and Europe, the Japanese automaker is poised to launch its all-electric sedan.


As Toyota makes slow progress with EVs, it has developed its proprietary global platform designed from the ground up for electric cars. The E-TNGA platform will be the basis for several Toyota electric vehicles in the future. As we know, it now also offers space for a Subaru model.

Thanks to Toyota and BYD’s partnership, the bZ3 utilizes the company’s Blade lithium iron phosphate battery technology. The battery technology is said to have a high energy density and is safer than other chemicals. The battery pack can be smaller with high-energy batteries, creating more interior space.

The first all-electric Toyota vehicle on the E-TNGA platform is the bZ4X. The carmaker has already started delivering the new model, but there is now a global delay in the launch of the electric crossover due to a recall for a wheel mounting problem.

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Toyota CEO and president Akio Toyoda revealed last year that a list of future Toyota electric vehicles will follow, following the bZ4X. Publications believe Toyota will officially call it the bZ3, but one such car was known as the bZ sedan when it was a concept.


The Toyota bZ3 electric sedan will soon enter the Chinese EV market. It is expected to perform well in China as sports sedans are in high demand. Sales in Europe are expected to start as early as 2024. Several new electric models are currently in the process of taking market share from Tesla, and the bZ3 will join the rest to rival the Tesla Model 3.


According to the website information of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, the bZ3 can be used with two power units with a capacity of 178 or 238 horsepower. The electric vehicle weighs 1710-1840 kg and its maximum speed is limited to 160 km/h.