Elon Musk confirms “a car half the price of the Tesla Model 3”

Elon Musk confirms "a car half the price of the Tesla Model 3"

In the event of the economic consequences for the 1/3 area of 2022, Elon Musk introduced that Tesla engineers have been now targeted on a brand new project: the well-known Model 2 at 25,000 euros. We take inventory of what you want to recognize approximately it.

In September 2022, a Tesla government had 1/2 of-heartedly admitted to be running on a destiny low priced electric powered automobile, which might now no longer be known as Model 2. Elon Musk has simply shown the information: the American producer is nicely running in this new project. The goal: to provide an electric-powered automobile that could value 1/2 of the charge of the Tesla Model three and Model Y.

To do this, the engineers are withinside the procedure of making a brand new platform, extra compact than the prevailing fashions of the American manufacturer. Elon Musk has shown that the improvement of the Semi and Cybertruck has ended, which helped redirect engineers to this new challenge, as may be examined in the transcript of the communication between Elon Musk and analysts.


If the Model three was valued at 1/2 of the rate of the Model S when it was released withinside the United States (35,000 bucks in opposition to 70,000 bucks), Elon Musk plans to do the equal for this destiny Model 2. The Model three, being presently bought for $46,990 withinside the United States, anticipates a rate of around $25,000. Rates apart from taxes, which could consequently deliver an automobile in France around 30,000 euros.

The large query we ask ourselves is the following: will this destiny Model 2 (which a priori could now no longer be referred to as like that) be ready with a steerage wheel and pedals? The rumors do now no longer agree on the subject. Some certainly announce that the automobile may be 100% self-reliant, which could provide an explanation for its decreased value. But if we consider the statements of Elon Musk, we’d now no longer have a 100% self-reliant car.


Indeed, the American billionaire specifies that this destiny electric-powered automobile would require 1/2 of the paintings and area to be produced. We additionally believe that the entrepreneur is counting a lot on decreasing the value of batteries. But this will take a bit longer than anticipated to materialize. Reducing the dimensions of batteries (as Renault does) will be a solution, significantly permitting decreased consumption.

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This declaration comes some days after Foxconn, the iPhone manufacturer, introduced its Foxtron Model B, a 100% compact electric-powered automobile, which producers can marketplace directly. The boss of Foxconn additionally took the possibility to suggest his preference to fabricate vehicles for Tesla. But it’s far hard to see this taking place in practice.