Evergrande Auto Saved from Bankruptcy by Emirati Firm

Evergrande Auto Saved from Bankruptcy by Emirati Firm

Evergrande Auto, the automotive division of Chinese real estate giant Evergrande, has been saved from bankruptcy by a $500 million investment from an Emirati firm, NWTN.

Evergrande Auto Background

Evergrande Auto had been struggling for several months, with poor sales and a massive debt load. The investment from NWTN will allow Evergrande Auto to continue operating and launch new models.


NWTN is a company based in Abu Dhabi that invests in the electric vehicle sector. The investment in Evergrande Auto is a sign of the growing interest of Middle Eastern companies in the Chinese electric vehicle market.

Impact of the Investment

The investment from NWTN is a positive development for Evergrande Auto, but there is still much work to be done for the company to recover. Evergrande Auto will need to reduce costs, improve its products, and launch new models in order to gain market share.

The Future of Evergrande Auto

The future of Evergrande Auto is uncertain, but the investment from NWTN gives the company a chance to turn things around. If Evergrande Auto is successful, it could become a major player in the Chinese electric vehicle market.

Here are some additional details that could be included in the article:

  • The amount of debt that Evergrande Auto was facing.
  • The specific reasons for Evergrande Auto’s financial troubles.
  • The plans that NWTN has for Evergrande Auto, such as the development of new models and the expansion of production capacity.
  • The impact of the investment on the Chinese electric vehicle market.
  • The implications of the investment for other Chinese automakers.