Mercedes Class A and Class B 2023 plug-in hybrid: discovering the changes

Mercedes Class A and Class B 2023 plug-in hybrid: discovering the changes

Small aesthetic and technological facelift for Class A and B. Electric range is improved on their rechargeable hybrid version.

The current Mercedes Class A appeared in February 2018; Mercedes Class B was renewed a few months later. But Mercedes is also presenting the refresh of these models, which will arrive in dealerships by the start of 2023, but which we were able to discover in preview. However, you have to keep your eyes open to see what changes!

What’s changing on the outside

This is the game of 7 errors. And even! Both vehicles are changing their light signature, both front and rear. For example, on A, there is only one line left for the daytime running lights. The grille adopts a new grid with a multitude of small stars. The Mercedes Class A (still offered as a 5-door compact or 4-door sedan) has the right to new shields, that of the AMG Line opting for enlarged air intakes. The hood gains two new edges that beef up the appearance.

What changes inside BETWEEN Mercedes Class A AND B

In both models, the most visible is the steering wheel, unique. Taken from the C-Class, it incorporates tactile keys on its branches. It is also haptic: when the driving assistance is activated, holding the rim is enough to prove that the driver is there, and there is no longer any need to give a little nudge in the direction.

Mercedes Class A and B adopt the latest generation of the MBUX multimedia system, with an improved display that avoids having to always go back to the menu. In France, there will be two 10.25-inch screens as standard. The “Hey Mercedes” voice command has also been refined. Result: the central touchpad has been removed, and Mercedes now deems it unnecessary.

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In 2023, these models will offer driver recognition by fingerprint. A zone on the central console will allow you to identify yourself and have access to your personalized settings.

What’s changing under the hood

Class A and Mercedes Class B already offered a 250e plug-in hybrid version. It is, of course, maintained in the catalogue. The technical sheet is changing slightly. The 1.3 petrol block still develops 163 hp, but the electric motor goes from 75 to 80 kW. The maximum cumulative power still remains at 218 hp. The maximum torque is 450 Nm.

The battery capacity is still 15.6 kWh, a big value in the category. But the all-electric range has been improved. In the combined cycle, it now reaches 81 km on Class A in a compact silhouette against 73 km previously. It is up to 77 km with Mercedes Class B, necessarily less aerodynamic. There is better on the charging side: in alternating current, it can now be up to 11 kW, against 7.4 kW before.

The prices of these “new” Mercedes will be known at the end of October.