Zero SR 2022 review

Zero SR 2022 review

Are you attracted to the recent Zero Motorcycles products, but they are still too expensive? Good news: the Zero SR 2022 is a slightly more affordable version of the same recipe. Looks, performance, comfort, range… Here is our review of the 100% electric roadster.

Early electrified bikers are familiar with the SR, a true reference in electric roadsters. It is the first sporty roadster launched by the 100% electric brand Zero Motorcycles in 2014. 8 years later, the Zero SR 2022 takes up the Californian’s “Street Racing” mantle. And it benefits from the advanced technical foundation laid by its larger SR/S and SR/F sisters.

  • The Zero SR 2022 looks like SR/F inspiration.

And again, inspiration is an understatement. While the Zero SR 2022 has the same chassis as its predecessors, it also has a 100% SR/F look. The SR takes on the silhouette of the premium sports roadster in a “light” version. This electric motorcycle has nothing to envy about the current big thermal bikes. Dynamic look, double stepped seat, open swingarm, exposed trellis frame, copper/aluminum details… Everything is there. Underneath its attractive proportions, it’s the centrally located battery that betrays the electrified nature of the machine. As for the rest, the SR 2022 is just as good as its predecessor, the Zero SR/F, including the finishing touches. The electric motorcycle can count on meticulous materials, from the seat to the handlebars. We only regret a few finishing details, such as the cable clamps and other less flattering plastics.

This is especially the case for the handlebar controls, whose cutouts and button integration can be improved. But that’s a detail; they are still perfectly complete. The Zero SR 2022 is still a serious and well-finished bike from the digital speedo to the rear loop. No surfaces are too sleek, too futuristic or too “electric,” which will please thermal enthusiasts during their transition. Its dimensions are 1,450 mm wheelbase and 787 mm seat height. That’s the size of a 1000 cc thermal bike, with a slightly lower seat height as standard.

As for the look, the SR 2022 has a nice ZF75-10 engine and Marchesini-like rims. The Showa rear mono-shock also contributes to the overall look. A bike that knows how to show off without overdoing it, either.

  • Zero SR 2022: Handlebar comfort and ergonomics

Unsurprisingly, the Zero SR 2022 is just as familiar to ride. The position is upright and relaxed enough, with only a slight forward lean: this is a sporty roadster. There is no exaggerated back strain, and the handlebars are not too wide, subtly curved towards the rider.

The seat is the same as the SR/F and SR/S, with a saddle that is a bit hard to ride over time. Like its predecessors, the SR 2022 causes discomfort between the thighs. This pushes us to squirm a bit on it to relieve the pain on long rides. On the other hand, the roadster is very easy to ride, both on the road and when maneuvering at a standstill. The low center of gravity contributes considerably to the bike’s handling and behavior.

The 5-inch color screen mainly manages the bike on the handlebars. Once again, it displays a well-known interface that we appreciate for its simplicity and accessibility. The 4 display areas can be customized according to our preferences to show the driving information. Trips A and B, autonomy, and average/instantaneous consumption can be placed as desired.

The charge level, time, speed, traction control and ABS modes are permanently displayed. Only the chosen mode’s color and name change according to the selected driving mode. The instrumentation is still as complete as ever but lacks a bit of readability in bright sunlight. A little more brightness would have been welcome when the sun was overhead in the middle of summer. Otherwise, the Zero SR 2022 is as complete as it is easy to handle.

  • Performance and range: an evolving experience

The Zero SR 2022 is a perfectly equipped bike with full LED lighting and high-tech features. And let’s not forget the cruise control, which is very useful on fast lanes. The ZF75-10 engine (center position) with belt drive is again available. This one develops a power of 55 kW (74 hp) and 166 Nm of torque. And the latter propels us silently, regardless of the chosen mode.

The SR 2022 is always responsive but: docile in ECO / RAIN, versatile in STANDARD and free in SPORT. While ECO is more than enough for city driving, the boost in SPORT is appreciated when overtaking and inserting. Once launched, we trust J. Juan (4 pistons in the front / 1 in the rear) for the brakes. A double disc of 320 mm and a single of 240 mm assure during the braking, even in an emergency.

Showa suspensions also support safety, handling, and comfort. Adjustable 43 mm fork and 40 mm monoshock with Piggy Back. All of which effectively absorb and filter the roughness of the road and pavement. The whole thing is bound to the ground by Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tires, which we no longer need to introduce: maximum grip. Very efficient for everyday use, the Zero SR 2022’s only problem is its power supply.

The ZF 14.4+ battery provides 200 km of real range in the city and ECO mode. Count on about 180 km in mixed traffic, but no more than 100 km on the highway at 130 km/h. All this for a 4h30 charge in 3 kW. A little disappointing compared to the 124 (street) to 251 km (city) announced. You can always aim for 365 km (reported), but against 3 549 € for the Power Tank +. An interesting option, but it replaces the storage of the false tank.

So why call it an “evolving” experience? Quite simply because the Zero SR 2022 and Cypher Store offer integrated purchases. Specifically, they allow you to increase the power to 80 kW (110 hp) and the top speed to 200 km/h. The battery also gains 2.8 kWh via this remotely paid “upgrade.” Fast charging (6 kW) cuts charging time in half but costs no less than $3,000

Finally, the SR 2022 starts at $18,990 (compared to $20,970 for the SR/F) excluding options. The most affordable of the range, but not by much, especially if you add options. But it’s still a very good price, especially since $1,980 is not a small price either.

And you, is it enough to consider an SR 2022 rather than an SR/F? Tell us in the comments!

  • Test Zero SR/S 2022: the result

We liked We liked less
  • Ease of handling
  • Good level of equipment
  • A real roadster
  • Finishing touches that can sometimes be improved
  • The comfort of the seat
  • The low range on the highway