Coastrunner EV, the electric beach car that replaces the Citroën e-Mehari

Coastrunner EV, the electric beach car that replaces the Citroën e-Mehari

Coastrunner EV, the electric beach car that replaces the Citroën e-Mehari. After the famous Roadyacht, the Dutch team of Savage Rivale changes course. Still, in the open air, we go from a V8 supercar to an electric beach car: Coastrunner EV.

The Savage Rivale design studio is mainly specialized in luxury villas or yachts. Their first automotive adventure is memorable. The Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS aimed to combine supercar performance with a Chevrolet Corvette V8, four seats for a family adventure, four elytra doors for easier access than a coupe, but spectacular, all under the open sky, but with a retractable hardtop and glass roof. A sort of rolling concept car produced in barely five copies, and whose production of an electric version is envisaged in Japan by GLM.

The team of Dutch studio did not abandon its ambitions in the automotive sector and announced its new vehicle, whose first rolling prototype has just been realized. The Coastrunner EV is an electric beach car that does not try to play the retro side often associated with this type of vehicle, which has not existed since the Mehari, Mini Moke, or Fiat 500 Jolly. One could easily imagine a small racy sedan on the same base.

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Coastrunner EV Battery

This Coastrunner EV conforms to the rules of this type of vehicle: completely open cockpit, not afraid of the elements, and no doors. Of course, we forget about the supercar performance with a 52 kW engine. But as the weight is only 800 kg, we should be fine for rides along the coastal roads. The highway is not its destination; the speed limit is 120 km/h, which should not bother anyone. The 20 kWh battery should allow a range of 180 km. Again, that’s not much, but it’s not exactly the kind of car meant for long-distance travel.

Coastrunner EV Price

The only hitch is the price. A beach car is not necessarily economical, and the official photos set the tone. The 60-liter bar to store the champagne bottles in the cooler is also a good indication. The price is indeed announced at 36 000 euros, excluding options. We should see this Coastrunner EV more often in Saint-Tropez, Monaco, Ibiza, or Marbella than in Zandvoort, Cap Blanc-Nez, or Pointe Saint-Mathieu.