Honda Prologue 2024: this electric SUV is only the beginning of a romantic

Honda Prologue 2024: this electric SUV is only the beginning of a romantic

Honda unveils its all-new Honda Prologue. This 100% electric SUV, expected in 2024? This is the result of a partnership with General Motors. However, it should not be sold here.

If Honda is still a little behind its competitors in terms of electrification, the Japanese firm is working to catch up with the latter. With the little Honda E, of course, but not only. Indeed, other models should arrive in the future, including two electric sports cars. But in the meantime, the manufacturer is lifting the veil on a wiser vehicle, known as the Honda Prologue.


After the electric city car launched in 2019, it is, therefore, the turn of a family SUV to join the Honda range. If it does not give any information on its technical sheet, the press release of the brand nevertheless details its design as well as its dimensions. With a length of 4.88 meters for 1.99 meters wide and 1.64 meters high, this newcomer is positioned just above the current CR-V but remains smaller than its cousin, the Chevrolet Blazer EV, and the Cadillac Lyriq.

The style is sober and refined. At the risk of not making an impression as much as its rivals? Without a doubt. Nevertheless, its large 21-inch rims still give it a certain presence.

Taking advantage of a wheelbase of approximately 3.10 meters, this Honda Prologue should comfortably accommodate the occupants on board, especially since the headroom seems quite high. The driving position is technological but remains classic, with an 11.3-inch touchscreen combined with an 11-inch digital handset.

Note the presence of physical buttons for the air conditioning, while we guess the presence of a space dedicated to wireless charging for the smartphone. On the other hand, nothing has yet been saying about onboard technologies, but it is assumed that Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will be there.


For the time being, nothing has been said about the technical specifics of the electric SUV. But Honda still points out that it will be available with four-wheel drive and that it is being developed in partnership with General Motors. If the firm does not say more, the Clean Automobile site specifies that the new Honda Prologue will be based on the Ultium platform developed by the American group.

Compatible with propulsion or all-wheel drive architectures, it also accommodates a brand-new battery developed by LG Chem with low cobalt content. Inexpensive to produce, it should offer a capacity of between 50 and 200 kWh, allowing a range of up to 640 kilometres.

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As GM mentioned in a press release, this battery is compatible with voltages of 400 and 800 volts and can withstand a charging power between 200 and 350 kW via the Combo standard. No less than 22 models should be equipped with it at Chevrolet, Cadillac or GMC. This is also the case with the Lyriq as well as the Hummer EV.

Unfortunately, the new Honda Prologue, which will see the light of day in 2024, will not be marketed here. The brand plans to launch an electric version of the HR-V, which should arrive in France sometime next year. Other models designed with General Motors would also be planned.