2023 Tesla Model 2, a less expensive car than the Model Y

2023 Tesla Model 2, a less expensive car than the Model Y

According to a Tesla official, the brand confirms its intention to launch a vehicle even cheaper than the Tesla Model Y: Tesla Model 2. The latter could share its platform with the future autonomous cab. But it should not be called Model 2.

With the launch of the Model S in 2012, the American brand’s range has changed; above all, it is now much more affordable. Indeed, it is now possible to drive a Tesla for less than 50,000 dollars, thanks to the new Tesla Model Y Propulsion, which is now available in the French configurator.


But as we know, Tesla does not intend to stop there. Indeed, Elon Musk has been talking about an even more affordable model for years. Known as the Tesla Model 2, although it could be called something else, this hypothetical future electric car could take the form of a compact car that could do without the steering wheel and pedals to offer 100% autonomous driving.

But still, this affordable car is overdue. And to be fair, Tesla seems to be going against the grain of this idea, constantly raising the price of its vehicles, mainly due to inflation.

Earlier this year, Elon Musk confirmed that his affordable car would not see the light of day in 2023, as had been planned. Nevertheless, it would still be on the agenda, as suggested by the senior manager Martin Viecha. The latter spoke to investors during a conference organized this Monday in San Francisco by Goldman Sachs.

the brand spokesman confirmed that Tesla needed to offer a more affordable product. For him, this less expensive vehicle must see the light of day before the brand launches its robotaxi service.


Indeed, it is rumored that Tesla’s future low-cost car will share its platform with the future autonomous robotaxi, which should be officially presented next year for the first run in 2024. But that’s without considering the many delays Tesla is experiencing, especially since 2023 is busy, with the expected arrival of the Tesla Semi, Tesla Cybertruck, and Tesla Roadster.

During the Cyber Rodeo, organized as part of the inauguration of the Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, Elon Musk gave some details on this service, which will be “optimized to achieve the lowest possible cost per mile or km.” In 2019, the businessman counted on a price of 18 cents per mile (1.6 kilometers). To be able to post such an adorable amount, it will thus logically have to lower the production costs of the vehicle.


According to the Tesla executive, this has already fallen well in recent years, from $84,000 in 2017 to $36,000 per vehicle in recent quarters. Therefore, the American manufacturer must offer more affordable models while demand is solid. Not least, thanks to the 4680 batteries.


According to Martin Viecha, “the Model Y will become the best-selling car in the world next year.” The Toyota Rav4 and the Corolla currently share first place with more than one million units sold in 2021. The Tesla Model 3 remains the best-selling electric car, in 9th place in 2021, with more than 500,000 units sold.

But for Tesla’s executives, there is still room to reduce production costs and, therefore, vehicle prices. This could be achieved by developing a new platform.

This would then equip the brand’s future entry-level compact car and the robotaxi. Tesla must now pick up the pace, while its Chinese rival Baidu has already taken the lead, having revealed a few days ago its second autonomous cab, priced at around $36,000 and equipped with Level 4 autonomous driving.