Aion Hyper SSR, the fastest Chinese car

Aion Hyper SSR, the fastest Chinese car

The Aion brand, owned by the Chinese GAC group, unveiled its first supercar: Hyper SSR. This one shows very high performance and has become the fastest Chinese car in the market.

Hyper SSR is a new brand that has just arrived on the market. Indeed, today, Chinese manufacturers land in force on the market. One thinks, of course, of MG, marketed in France since 2019 and which has just made official the European version of its compact MG 4. But other brands continue their development, like BYD, which also plans to conquer Europe with three models or Nio and Xpeng. But if Asian firms were known for their affordable vehicles, they are now starting to enter the sports car segment, like Hongqi and its S9 or MG and its Cyberster roadster.


Now it is the turn of another brand to enter this growing market. It is Aion, founded in 2018 and part of the Chinese group GAC. Until now, the company has only sold sedans and SUVs, but it is unveiling its first supercar at an event organized in China and reported by Car News China.

The sports car, named Hyper SSR, has rather attractive lines, with certain sobriety compared to some of its rivals, especially in Europe. The bodywork is made of carbon fiber, a material that is also found in the rear diffuser. The sports car also has a mobile spoiler, and motorized gullwing doors close when the brake pedal is pressed. This technology is already in use at Tesla and on the Mercedes EQS.

On board, the presentation is rather simplistic, as in most supercars on the market. We discover a 14.8-inch touch screen in the center of the driver’s seat, completed by an 8.8-inch digital display. Two people can then take place in sports seats, whose structure is also made of carbon fiber. Suppose we know very little about the technologies embedded in this Hyper SSR. In that case, Car News China informs us that Aion is collaborating with the Chinese space agency to develop innovative materials and new artificial intelligence systems. These could then be found in future models of the Hyper range.

But what interests us most here is the technical specifications of this new Aion Hyper SSR. This one embarks a 100% electric motorization developing not less than 1 225 horsepower for 12 000 Nm of torque. In its most powerful version, a cavalry allows it to achieve 0 to 100 km/h in only 1.9 seconds.

According to the brand, an impressive figure is equivalent to an acceleration of 1.7 G but still far from the 1.1 seconds promised by Tesla for the 2nd generation of its Roadster, which is still under development. The Chinese supercar will also come in an entry-level variant, finishing the same exercise in 2.3 seconds. With such performance, this newcomer is the fastest Chinese production car in the world.

But it is also the most expensive. Indeed, the basic version costs 1.286 million Yuan, or about 183,949 euros, while the most powerful version starts at 1.686 million Yuan or about 241,164 euros. Although the manufacturer did not reveal any information about the charging system, the CNEVPost website underlines that the sports car is equipped with a 900-volt architecture. The first deliveries will begin in October 2023, but nothing has been said about European marketing.