BMW iX1 price, design and other specifications

BMW iX1 price, design and other specifications

BMW iX1 sees the light of day with a reasonable price that we have been waiting for for a long time. The iX1 x Drive30 is just the connected model of the X1. So, what is the price of this new model? What are its specifications?

Like the vast majority of other manufacturers, BMW must first grow its electric range because this segment is clearly on the rise, with a market share that went from 6.9% to 11.9% between the beginning of 2021 and 2022 but not only. Indeed, brands now have to deal with other constraints: the planned ban on the sale of combustion engine cars, scheduled for 2035. So it’s not surprising that the Bavarian company is actively working on developing its electric models, especially since half of its models sold in 2030 will be 100% electric.


To expand its trendy range, already well filled with the iX3, iX, and i4, among others, BMW unveils its brand new iX1. This is the electric version of the X1 SUV, which is getting a third generation. This new version is distinguished from the aesthetic point of view by some small blue inserts and some more aerodynamic elements, limiting the Cx to only 0,26. This compares to the 0.23 Cx of the Model Y, which is a little better on the exercise.

Five centimeters longer than the previous X1, this new BMW iX1, which we saw in its camouflage outfit at the end of last year, has also evolved its interior, taken almost entirely from the 2 Series Active Tourer. The electric SUV now has a floating center console between the seats and a dual screen, combining a digital display and a curved touchscreen of 10.25 and 10.7 inches, respectively. The latter incorporates the latest version of BMW’s operating system, OS 8.

This is the first time the BMW X1 is available in an electric version. The X1 is available with a single engine, with a total power of 313 hp (230 kW) and 494 Nm from its two engines (eDrive 5.0 M170SF), one on each axle, thus ensuring a 4-wheel drive. The huge power allows the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds, limited to 180 km/h. The SUV has a 64.7 kWh battery, allowing it to travel up to 438 kilometers, according to the WLTP cycle.

It will take 29 minutes to charge this iX1 from 10 to 80% at a maximum power of 130 kW on DC (direct current) terminals. The onboard charger limits the charge to 11 KW on AC (alternating current) terminals, but a 22 kW version will be offered as an option, which is rare enough to be highlighted. Still, on the subject of charging, BMW says it has made an effort on the charging curve – like the BMW i7 – to gradually reduce the power delivered at the end of the charge to increase its speed.

For the trunk, BMW has provided 490 liters of capacity, which can be increased to 1,495 liters by folding the independent rear seats (40 / 20 / 40). The iX1 will have a towing capacity of 1.2 tons.


There are many optional driving aids available to enable semi-autonomous driving (level 2 up to 180 km/h), including detecting pedestrians and cyclists when the car turns right at an intersection. It’s good news for urban users as this situation can be dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists due to the car’s blind spot. Regarding technology, we also note the presence of an eSIM compatible with 5G and a camera that shows you what is happening in the cabin on your smartphone and remotely. Finally, it is possible to lock and unlock the vehicle’s doors from an iPhone, as Tesla has been doing for many years.


This new BMW iX1 xDrive30 and its hybrid and combustion cousins will all be produced in the German plant in Regensburg and on a single production line for the different versions, a first for the German manufacturer. The battery will also be produced on-site.

BMW has announced that it will use “green” energy (solar energy in particular) for part of the production of the vehicles, as well as up to 30% recycled materials. Recycled aluminum even represents 70% of the quantity used in the car’s design. The brand even uses Econyl yarn (from recycled fishing nets) for the floor covering. But that’s not all, as the press release states. This is because many of the various stages of production are not yet running on green power.


Pre-orders for the BMW iX1 XDrive30 are on the German manufacturer’s website. The opportunity to know its price: from 55 150 euros in a classic finish. To lease, you’ll need to count on 590 euros per month for an iX1 XDrive30 line with a premium package for 36 months and 30,000 km. Prices for the xLine and M Sport trims have not yet been announced.