Tesla Model Y: Where did the 7-seater version go?

Tesla Model Y: Where did the 7-seater version go?

Tesla launched this morning in Europe and, in particular in France, its new SUV Model Y Propulsion, cheaper than the Model 3. The 7-seater version of this electric car, marketed in the United States, is still not available in Europe. But why?

This morning, Tesla caused a sensation throughout Europe by starting the marketing of its new SUV Tesla Model Y Propulsion, the opportunity for us to take stock of the differences between the Long Range and Performance versions. It is presently the most affordable electric car from the American manufacturer, cheaper than the cheapest Model 3! It is, therefore, the most recommendable Tesla at the moment, especially since it stands out from the sedan by its SUV format, with its trunk replaced by a tailgate. It is thus a 5-door and not a 4-door, offering much more capacity and the possibility of loading at the level of the trunk. But … something is wrong with this European Tesla Model Y!


As can be seen on the Tesla site, American consumers have access to a version that is absent in Europe and Asia. We are talking about the version with 7 seats against 5 seats for the basic model. In the United States, for 3,000 dollars (excluding taxes), it is possible to order a Tesla Model Y with 2 additional seats. These take place at the level of the trunk and allow children or small adults to install themselves there.


A clever system allows the 2nd row of seats to slide, to leave more or less legroom in the 3rd row. The latter can, of course, fold up to provide a more spacious trunk. But the volume of the latter is however reduced by the presence of these two folded seats. To board these two seats, you do not have to go through the trunk but through the side doors. The 2nd-row seats have a mechanism to allow enough room to access the 3rd row, as seen in the video below.


Why is this option not available in Europe and Asia? Will this one day be offered to European and Asian customers, and if so, when? We contacted Tesla  France, who was unable to answer these various questions. We will therefore have to be content with a few hypotheses.

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The first is that Model Ys marketed in Europe and Asia are manufactured in Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai, China, and Berlin, Germany. Unlike the American Tesla Model Ys, which are made on-site. One can thus imagine that the American production lines are planned for this special version, equipped with seven places, unlike the other factories.

This version requires additional assembly steps and must surely be seen by Tesla as a very restrictive option, reducing the production rate. As proof, the Performance version of the Model Y sold in the United States is only available in a 5-seater version. It should also be noted that this option has been available to Americans since January 2021, while the Tesla Model Y has been produced since 2019, proof that this version is not so simple to implement, especially for Elon Musk, who wants as few options as possible…

Also, the American market is very fond of XXL SUVs with 7 seats, as can be seen regularly in films and series shot on site. The fertility rate is also higher in the country of Uncle Sam compared to Europe, requiring more seats in cars. So maybe that’s why Tesla is reserving the 7-seater Tesla Model Y in the US. Hoping it’s only temporary. Otherwise, it will be necessary to fall back on other models, such as the Model X, the future Kia EV9, or the Mercedes EQB, to name a few.

We can then console ourselves by saying that the Model 3 Propulsion is not available in the United States (except for the lucky few) and that the entry ticket is therefore higher…