Will a Toyota bZ3 Electric car come to canada?

Will a Toyota bZ3 Electric car come to canada?

Toyota has been getting into the battery electric vehicle arena for a long time, but its bZ4X crossover is finally ready to hit Canadian roads. This is the first in a series of models representing the new bZ (Beyond Zero) banner, but what will be next?

The Toyota bZ3 sedan is a possibility. This car will first launch in the Chinese market later this year, and a leak reveals what it will look like.

The design is directly inspired by the bZ SDN concept that Toyota showed us last December. Some will also see similarities with the new Crown 2023, which will somehow replace the defunct Avalon in North America.

The Toyota bZ3 is, of course, built on Toyota’s e-TNGA platform. According to available information, it has a single motor that drives the front wheels, releasing 183 horsepower. However, there is also talk of a 244-horsepower strong-drive version. The absence of an “X” in the name confirms that there is no all-wheel drive.

There is currently no image of the cabin, but we guess that the decor will have several points in common with the bZ4X, as well as elements specific to the Chinese market.

Obviously, the Toyota would make a lot of fans in Quebec as a 100% electric alternative to the very popular Corolla – and quite affordable, as a bonus. However, before it, it is more likely that Toyota will bring a more spacious car to our continent, possibly called the bZ5, especially to please our neighbors to the south.

Toyota BZ3: a new electric vehicle 2023

The manufacturer, as usual, is careful not to comment on its future products.

To return to the bZ4X, responsible for dealing with the rapidly growing number of electric SUVs on the market, Toyota caused a lot of talk by mentioning that charging at fast terminals might not be possible when the mercury drops below -20 degrees Celsius. Knowing that episodes of freezing cold are common in Quebec, this is not very reassuring. We will have the opportunity to test it ourselves next winter. To be continued!