Will Volvo EX90 be the safest electric SUV in its history?

Will Volvo EX90 be the safest electric SUV in its history?

Volvo formalizes the existence of its 100% electric SUV, the Volvo EX90, the successor to the XC90. It will be unveiled on November 9. In the meantime, the brand reveals some very interesting elements, especially on the security side, with the presence of a LiDAR.

Currently, Volvo’s 100% electric offer comes down to two models: the “small” XC40 Recharge SUV and its cut version, the C40 Recharge. We know that the Swedish brand is about to hit hard with the successor to the XC90. The brand has indeed recently unveiled elements concerning the future interface of its flagship. And this Wednesday, September 21, Volvo went further, formalizing the existence of the EX90, the 100% electric successor to the XC90.


In an online press conference, Volvo said the Volvo EX90 would be unveiled in detail on November 9. Its future top-of-the-range SUV will have a level of safety that “will go far beyond that of any other Volvo vehicle”. In other words, the next EX90 will be the safest vehicle in Volvo’s lineup.

To do this, the Swedish manufacturer relies heavily on LiDAR, which Elon Musk cannot see in the paint on his Teslas. Indeed, the Volvo EX90 will integrate a LiDAR to monitor the road, night and day, up to the authorized speeds on the highway, thanks to laser scanning. There will also be cameras and radars all around the vehicle to recreate a 360-degree environment.

According to Volvo, the LiDAR, integrated into the roof, “can detect pedestrians up to 250 meters away and an object as small and dark as a tire on the road up to 120 meters away”.

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Volvo then announced a 20% drop in fatal or serious injury accidents and a 9% reduction in the risk of collision. This is less than what Tesla indicates in its figures on accidentally, but which are a little biased, however, as we have already analyzed.


Inside, Volvo will also integrate new sensors within the Volvo EX90. The concentration of the driver’s gaze will thus be monitored by cameras and sensors in order to prevent any risk of falling asleep. If you feel unwell, the car will stop by itself and call the emergency services.

The passenger compartment will be protected from the outside by a new filtration system. Sensors will also be able to monitor the interior of the car in the event of absence and in particular alert the driver if a passenger has been forgotten. We particularly think of forgetting infants in the passenger compartment in the middle of summer, which could be avoided thanks to this future system, as Volvo implied in its announcement video.

Remember that Volvo made a commitment in 2007 that “no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo”. This is one of the reasons why all Volvos are now limited to 180 km/h.


Of course, all these sensors can also be used for autonomous driving. And precisely, Volvo briefly addressed the subject, referring to the “next technology for autonomous driving“. However, we will have to be patient, since this will be introduced on the Volvo EX90 “once we have carried out all our safety tests and obtained all the necessary authorizations”, specifies Volvo.

In terms of design, the manufacturer did not leak many details, and we only had the right to a few illustrations that resemble the leaked patent. It would therefore seem that the Volvo EX90 retains a more conventional shape than the 2021 Concept Recharge illustrating this article. See you on November 9 to find out more and have the first official images of the Volvo EX90.